Mental Health Awareness

Your mental health matters, I came across this hidden and unlisted on my YouTube channel.  It's an important message, so sit yourself down, make a cup of tea and spare yourself 15 mins.  Please share to anyone who needs to hear this.  It was recorded late 2017.  Click Here to Watch

Today is seven years since the devastating February earthquake in Christchurch in 2011. Like anyone here on that day or the surrounding months, it’s forever part of me. I've been reflecting on those seven years and wanted to share some of the lessons the quakes taught me, both in and out of the surgery. The … Continue reading

In case you missed it, I'm a dentist .... and dentists if you missed it I'm a personal trainer and coach. This might seem like an odd combination but we're all special snowflakes and for me I've had a lifetime passion for both  health and fitness.  My whole journey has being trying to combine two … Continue reading