Fang Farrier Podcast

Life Behind And Beyond The Mask

Discussing tough topics like depression, burnout and suicide alongside nutrition, movement and recovery.
Working on everyday resilience, personal and professional development.
The context is dentistry but applicable to all walks of life.

Fang Farrier : Dentist; see also *gnasher basher, *toothwright and top gum

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S1 Ep8: Just Take The Day Off Fang Farrier

Why as dentists do we do this to ourselves? drag ourselves in on days we should stay home, return too early from injury. Medicating to get through the day, limping, casts on our legs. A discussion about 'sick leave' or the lack there of and the reluctance to accept that we are only human after all. Join the discussion on twitter @fang_farrier, I would love to hear your stories.
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  4. Teaser, Ep 6 &7.
  5. S1 Ep5: Tired or Burnt Out?